An artist and her student stand on scaffolding as they paint a mural.

Groundswell is based on a set of principles that bring people together under a mission of social change through community-engaged public art. In order to do the work we do, Groundswell supports the personal and professional growth of our artists, who led every one of our murals. In Groundswell, our artists find a space to connect with each other to receive feedback, offer support, and gain inspiration from each other. Our professional development opportunities for artists develop this sense of community to create a more cohesive and collaborative work force of socially engaged creative leaders.


Groundswell seeks to strengthen our community, creating an ever-growing network of inspiration and support. Be on the lookout as we continue to expand our resources to best support teaching artists on our roster and beyond.


Teaching Artists Resources

Strengthening the work we do.

Open Studios

The Groundswell Open Studios is a workshop series geared for artists that includes professional development and figure model sessions. The Groundswell Open Studios occur monthly, and are free and open to the public.

Amplifying our resistance through the arts.


The Artist-In-Residence Program at Groundswell invites artists to engage with a specific theme that allows them to connect to a greater community of resistance, solidarity, and critical love, while directly addressing the need for free and accessible studio space in New York City.

Continuing our amazing collaborations.

Current Artists

As Groundswell teaching artists, you are at the heart of facilitating our mission. You use your knowledge to steward an artmaking practice that connects personal creativity, personal growth, social justice, and the interactive potential of community art.