Become a Partner

A group of elementary students and their teachers stand in front of a colorful mural they completed.

Groundswell seeks partners to collaborate on and commission public art to bring important issues and perspectives to light, engage communities, and activate under-utilized spaces into active sites of public dialogue for years to come.

Creating Dynamic Partnerships

Each Groundswell mural follows a beautiful, transformative process, guided by the vision of our youth, artists, and community partners.

To ensure that every Groundswell project is a successful collaboration, we look for partners who are:


  1. Committed to our process.
    • Do you understand the importance of youth development?
    • Do you have flexibility for change throughout the process?

  2. Aligned with our mission.
    • Are you willing to address and combat racism on internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels?
    • Are you willing to collaborate on art that is explicitly social justice centered?

  3. Willing to identify a team representative of their community and constituencies.
    • Can you identify a liaison on site and a point-person for frequent communication?
    • Can you designate representatives of your diverse stakeholders (such as youth, elders, and parents) to share decision-making power?

  4. Authentically invested in their community.
    • Do you demonstrate love for your community?
    • Are you willing to identify what impact you want to have in your community through the mural?
    • How do you anticipate using your mural(s) after the project is over?


Does this sound like your organization? 

If you feel like your organization is a good fit for a Groundswell collaboration, apply to become a community partner through the link below. A member of our team will follow up with you. Please note that an application does not guarantee a mural.



If you are a property owner and you are interested in donating a wall to Groundswell for a mural, there is a separate form you can fill out which you can find on our Donate a Wall page.

Donate a Wall

One major way to support Groundswell’s work is through the donation of a wall. Through their donation, wall owners contribute to their neighborhoods by offering a public platform for youth empowerment and community dialogue.