Making His’tory is an afterschool program for exceptional young men that challenges notions of identity to break cycles of inequity facing young men of color today. Through the program, young men reflect on and then disrupt injustice to realize their power as leaders in their community.


Making His'tory begins each spring as an afterschool program and culminates that summer as one of the large-scale projects completed through our Summer Leadership Institute.


Young men painting.

“I had a huge change in mindset this summer.” said youth artist Kamal James about his experience working on a Making His’tory project. “Working with my peers/brothers has been an invaluable experience. I learned to appreciate the difference I have with others and channel a better vibe into my daily activities. Painting this mural helped me redirect my emotions of being a man of color into something more powerful and beautiful. Thanks to Groundswell and the teaching artists Raúl and Ashton, I’ve learned to be more tolerant of others and understanding in uncomfortable situations. I carry a lighter bag now.” 

Murals in this Series