Artivist Toolkit

Speaking into a microphone, a young man proudly explains his team's mural.

Career and Resource Guide

This is a guide to help you prepare to apply for college admissions. It outlines steps for building a competitive application for art & design schools and college programs, starting from 9th grade! This is also a guide to Careers in the Arts to help you decide which college Major and future Career in the Arts may be right for you.


NYC Youth Arts Resource Guide

This booklet gives you information on over 100 youth art programs in NYC for you to join! Almost all of them are free and range in topics from visual arts, performing arts, internships, after-school and summer programs!


A mural sections shows a hand reaching toward a light.


Groundswell is a proud Core Team member of the Art Future NYC Collective!


Art Future NYC is a collective of individuals and organizations working in art and design education who are committed to expanding access and opportunities for young people from backgrounds that are unrepresented in higher education and fields of art and design. Tools, resources, information and community building are used to increase understanding of art & design career and educational opportunities.


We recognize the brilliance of communities who are historically underrepresented and underrecognized in fields of art & design (people of color, people from low-income backgrounds, first-generation college students, immigrants, etc) and are committed to bridging the gap to college and fulfilling careers.


The Core Team includes the Joan Mitchell Foundation, Parsons Scholars Program and Groundswell. Community Partners include Parsons Pre-College, Dedalus Foundation, DreamYard, and others.