Photo of Rikers Island Mural with sketched figures helping to paint the mural
May 30, 2024

Groundswell / Rikers 2008 – 2019

Groundswell recently documented murals created at Rikers Island over the span of 11 years. We are hoping to connect with people who were formerly incarcerated at Rikers Island.  


Through a collaborative project, we want to provide an outlet for people to share their experience and reveal how creating art provided an important outlet for expression during a difficult time.  If you worked on a Groundswell mural on Rikers Island between 2008 – 2019 and are interested in telling your story, please reach out. We will also be able to provide you with a photo of the mural you helped create.


To connect with us regarding this project, please fill out the form on this link:



Flyer asking people if they're interested in sharing their experiences with working on a Rikers Island Mural