Studio Programs

Learning the tools at our Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn
Students working in the Groundswell studio

Groundswell studio programs are free and open to youth from across New York City. All programing takes place at Groundswell Studio allowing access to creative space, quality art materials and a variety of college/creative career workshops and opportunities for all participants. Here is a full list of programs we are offering this fall.


Print Power

Social justice print making. An introduction to the use of printmaking techniques used by social movements in the 20th and 21st Century. 

Introduction to Portfolio

Introduction to fundamentals and technical skills. For growing and learning youth artist. For 9th and 10th graders with an interest in developing their artistic skills with the goal of eventually applying to art school. 

Advance Portfolio

Advance art-making class with focus on portfolio development and applying to art institutions. For experienced youth artist in 11th and 12th grade or young adults between the age of 19 to 21 applying to art college. 

Murals for Change

In the Murals for Change program, students immerse themselves in a collective, start-to-finish mural project that uplifts a NYC neighborhood. As part of an essential research component to the overall work, students will support the research of the history, culture and demographics of the neighborhood where our mural will emerge. This research involves conversations with community members, reflection, and the development of a final mural design that will be fabricated by the students. Keeping Groundswell's mission to remain intentional and create space for representation, students will work to highlight the power of social justice-focused art and cultural preservation. Murals for Change is more than just a program-it allows participants an opportunity to become part of a historical, international creative movement that is mural making. 

Voices Her'd / Youth Curatorial Committee (YCC)

The Voices Her'd/STARS Fellowship cohort builds an intentional space for girls, young women, women-aligned individuals, femmes and enbies already in Groundswell programs to explore big questions through art. Additonally, students will engage feminist art history, explore the intersections of identity and dress, discuss wellbeing and translate it into artwork, go on museum field trips and collaborate directly with the coalition-based work for STARS Citywide Girls Initiative. Voices Her'd engages young people in socially-relevant art-making to remedy the gender inequities that exist across the art world and beyond.

The Youth Curatorial Committee (YCC) designates time for participates to both discuss and play a role in the planning of Groundswell's annual Spring Programs Exhibition. Collectively, under the guidance of Groundswell staff, the YCC will work towards curating youth art produced across all in-studio programs for the academic year. Each session explores the importance of identity, culture and language-allowing each budding curator to delve into the personal for community-building, narrative building and overall exhibtion design purposes. 

Applications for Groundswell's 2023-2024 in-studio After School Program Year are closed. Registration for 2024-2025 after-school studio programs will reopen in August 2024. To stay connected and find out when registration is open again, please join our mailing list here or contact
A picture of youth wheatpaste artwork

A picture of youth wheatpaste artwork from Print Power. Anira K.