Studio Programs

Learning the tools for our liberation.
Youth artist looking through a book in Groundswell studio

Groundswell studio programs are free and open to youth from across New York City. All programing takes place at Groundswell Studio allowing access to creative space, quality art materials and a variety of college/creative career workshops and opportunities for all participants. Here is a full list of programs we are offering this fall.


Print Power

Social justice print making. An introduction to the use of printmaking techniques used by social movements in the 20th and 21st Century. 

Introduction to Portfolio

Introduction to fundamentals and technical skills. For growing and learning youth artist. For 9th and 10th graders with an interest in developing their artistic skills with the goal of eventually applying to art school. 

Advance Portfolio

Advance art-making class with focus on portfolio development and applying to art institutions. For experienced youth artist in 11th and 12th grade or young adults between the age of 19 to 21 applying to art college. 

Digital Justice

Intro and advance techniques to digital software and animation. Youth will explore personal narrative and truth telling through digital tools. Introduction to software such as Adobe creative cloud and RoughAnimator will be provided for free. 

Voices Her'd Fall

Young women and femmes of color group focused on gender justice and artmaking through multi-media. Explore themes of feminism, women empowerment and citywide events in collaboration with the STARS Citywide Girls initiative.  

Artivist Pathways Alumni Residency

Alumni residency program centered in creative career readiness and exploration. This program is specifically for former Groundswell participants with an interest in continuing their mural journey with us and pursuing careers in the creative sector. 


For more information, download the studio program one-pager here. 
Groundswell's 2022-2023 After School Program Year has ended. Registration for 2023-2024 after-school studio programs starts in August. To stay connected and find out when registration is open again, please join our mailing list here
A picture of youth wheatpaste artwork

A picture of youth wheatpaste artwork from Print Power. Anira K.