Youth Profiles

Learn about what it's like to use art as a tool for social change from some of our talented Groundswell youth artists.

Durell Baxter

Youth Artist

I thought to myself, this organization could be a gateway to enriching and rewarding opportunities.

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Farangiz Yusupova

Youth Artist

Working with people who come from different backgrounds helped me expand my horizons and understand different perspectives.

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Kamal Abdelrahman

Youth Artist

I learned that no progress is made unless someone is willing to take that first step.

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Kevin Rijo

Youth Artist

Everybody here is family, it’s all family. Carpe diem, that means to seize the day, that’s what I feel like happens here.

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Nathaniel James

Youth Artist

I express myself and genuinely invest in researching and fabricating these dynamic murals.

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Nafeesa Davis

Youth Artist

I knew that art and having the ability to create things would be an important part of my life.

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