Michelle Esposito, Assistant Principal

Ditmas IS 62

My name is Michelle Esposito. I am the direct Supervisor that worked with Groundswell and the Ditmas Administrative Team to organize and oversee the mural projects in our building. I have worked at Ditmas IS 62 for 21 years and I am very proud to work with the Groundswell team to create such wonderful murals and experiences for our school community.

Although the collaboration between Ditmas IS 62 and Groundswell has produced beautiful public murals, the deeper value lies in the dialogue that is created, the connections that are built and the legacy of the relationships we foster through this process. The experience of public art moves us as a school, in that is creates a sense of student ownership and a student voice in the school community. It reminds us all, that we have a responsibility to nurture what is around us, as we are part of that community.  These school based wall murals also carry the historical context of fine arts through technique and artistic style, while having the added advantage of maintaining the context of the environment of which it is a part.

The greatest impact of the Ditmas/Groundswell collaboration has been to those directly involved in the design and creation. Working in a collaborative process, and with the Groundswell and the Ditmas Administrative team, students gained the knowledge and tools necessary to explore, design and interpret important and relevant messages to the school community. The impact of working on the Groundswell Murals is apparent in their commitment to the projects, their pride in its completion and the personal value of the experience to them. 



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