Community Partnerships Manager

Greg Ayers

Greg is a writer and arts education specialist based in Brooklyn, New York. Greg has worked as a project manager, content developer and strategic planner for non-profits, cultural institutions, foundations and private sector corporations. He collaborates with artists and educators, across mediums, to produce film projects, staged exhibitions, print media publications, installations, educational workshops, employee engagement opportunities and social media campaigns.


Spanning almost 20 years of work in New York and Los Angeles, Greg’s non-profit arts work has included organizations such as: Dream Yard Project, Urban Arts Partnership, Harlem School of the Arts, Generation Human Rights, Arts for LA and LeAP NYC. 


Greg is passionate about the importance of public art and believes in the transformational power of creative, community collaborative actions. In 2018, he worked briefly as a consultant for Groundswell, and is thrilled to return now as a part time staff member to fill the role of Community Commissions Manager. 

Photo of a colorful and abstract mural.