Senior Mural Operations Coordinator

Sandrine Saint Louis

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sandrine Saint Louis (also known as Lady Brown) is a passionate illustrator continuously seeking ways to contribute her creative assets. She started her journey at Groundswell in November 2021 as our Mural Operations Coordinator. Sandrine graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Illustration and minor in Art History. She has had the pleasure of working in a variety of art experiences/galleries/events/workshops (including collaborations with Immersed In Wonderland, Rose Mansion, CCC Art Collective, The Autism Museum, ChalkFIT x Bloomingdale's, and many more) which created exposure and clientele on her behalf. Sandrine believes art is a beacon to an alternative universe, where creativity releases our true self. That the essence of art stimulates growth and reflection while unveiling meaningful themes and subject matter to the viewer. Sandrine is deeply honored to work alongside the phenomenal youth, artists, and community that assist with the beautification of New York City. Sandrine's goal is to aid and inspire those involved in Groundswell, and to promote empathy, vulnerability and creation.

Headshot of Sandrine Saint Louis