Project Information
Google Map of Albany, NY


830 Hunts Point Avenue Bronx, NY 10474




Five panels, 4 x 6 ft each



In 2012, Groundswell teamed up with the New York City Department of Transportation, Majora Carter Group, and students from Hyde Leadership Charter School to create the “Hunts Point Heroes” series. The five portraits created through this partnership celebrate local community change makers, including Arthur Aviles, Majora Carter, Megan Charlop, Sister Thomas, and Gilbert Valle. Each of these individuals has worked to create opportunities and a better quality of life in Hunts Point. The decorative frames surrounding each portrait use elements and objects drawn from the subject’s life experience and work. For example, Majora Carter, an environmental activist, is framed by buildings with trees planted on top. This project was made possible thanks to a significant investment by the Rockefeller Foundation and its Cultural Innovation Fund and is the first in a series of five Hunts Point projects.