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BrownsvilleBrooklyn, NY 11212United States




12 x 15 ft



CAMBA: Where You Can was designed and fabricated at CAMBAs Flagstone Family Center to promote a positive image vision of family, home, stability, growth, change, and community. The Flagstone Family Center is a family homeless shelter that assists families in becoming stabilized through securing active benefits, employment, searching for permanent housing, and securing a better quality of life when returning to the community. The imagery of the mural is directly derived from the drawings and expressions of the youth participants. The mural serves as a colorful and uplifting symbol of CAMBA and incorporates the faces of CAMBA youth participants. The design uses three walls and activates the space in an architectural way, creating a sense of depth and attention to site. This design was in part inspired by the teams field trip to the Brooklyn Museum, where they engaged in a day of art, team building, inspiration, and creativity. The mural incorporates site specific references. There are Brownsville-inspired buildings in the background and a street sign reads AMBOY STREET, in reference to CAMBAs address. CAMBA: Where You Can also depicts the faces of youth participants showing them at different stages in ages, as a symbols of present, past, and future. The wood frame house offers a vision of stability, home, and shelter, inspired by the phrase a roof over our head.