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2026 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10035




45 x 30 ft





As the first mural in Groundswell's Making His'tory series, Dj Vu: Which Path Will You Choose? explores the particular challenges faced by teenage boys and young men in the East Harlem community. The young men participating in the program researched and discussed challenges such as gangs, drugs, violence, police harassment, incarceration, and lack of employment opportunity. They also discussed possible solutions to these problems, including education, supportive families, sports, arts, religious faith, and cultural and historical awareness. The final mural design depicts a teenage boy in the middle of a path that leads up towards his future. On one side is a dangerous life, while the other side holds opportunity. He must move forward to achieve his dreams. Over four stories tall, the murals bright colors, dynamic composition, and bold symbolism invite the attention and admiration of all who pass by. The mural's presence also motivated Hope Community to transform the community garden adjacent to it, planting new flowers, trimming overgrown tree branches, and creating a welcoming space which is ideal for contemplating the mural and its message of hope.