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4211 14th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219




15 x 70 ft





A team of youth led by artists Clare Herron and Grace Baley worked with The Trust for Public Land to transform PS 164's blacktop schoolyard into a green play space for the students and neighborhood residents to enjoy. Infinite Dreams was envisioned as a gift to the school and local community in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Borough Park, home to Brooklyn's largest Hasidic population. The mosaic's design celebrates the realization of the community's dream to build a new green space with natural imagery, centered around a dandelion "wish" flower. It also incorporates ideas significant within Jewish culture, including the use of the number eight in visual repetition and a motif of pomegranate seeds to represent renewal. The coming together of these diverse communities in the creation of a shared public space is an illustration of a more peaceful society we can all help to build.