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716 Fairmount PlaceBronx, NY 10457United States




15 x 37 ft



My Sisters Keeper illustrates the unique challenges faced by women on their road to self-sufficiency and recovery from addiction. The artist team was comprised of women in recovery, and together they created a mindful celebration of sisterhood and transformation for an audience of women who need to see reflections of themselves they can identify with and celebrate. The mural depicts several scenes important to a woman's recovery from addiction. In one scene, two women sit together in sisterhood. One sister in the back weaves the light of possibility and positive change into the hair of the other. In another scene, there is a powerful image of transformation. A figure of a woman hunches over as she unplugs herself from addiction. A beautiful lotus symbolizing triumph after struggle blossoms out of her back. From the lotus rises a butterfly and the metamorphosis it represents. This project is made possible with public funds from the New York City Council through its STARS Citywide Girls Initiative.