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767 Hicks StreetBrooklyn, NY 11231United States




8 x 8 ft





During a one day mural painting event, Deloitte employees expressed their solidarity with Red Hook in the devastating wake of Superstorm Sandy. Lead artist Esteban Del Valle met with a committee of young adults representing the Red Hook Initiative to explore the experience and impact of Superstorm Sandy within the community. This discourse inspired the final design, which Deloitte employees then painted. Red Hook residents expressed their Superstorm Sandy experience within a context of first the initial impact and then the involved process of rebuilding and recovery. The resulting image depicts many different factions of the community coming together to stave off the damage of the storm, while simultaneously revitalizing the neighborhood. The project brought different stakeholders of the community together, not just within the mural image, but in the process of its creation. The project engaged groups that may not otherwise have had the opportunity to share their common connection with the events of Superstorm Sandy. The one day mural painting event proved both a time to give back but to also reflect on the images together, amid the peaceful process of creating, side by side.