Project Information
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27 Huntington Street Brooklyn, NY 11231




8 x 119 ft





Red Hook Through History was created by 4th grade students at PS 27, guided by Groundswell artists Conor McGrady and Jonathan Bogarin. The students designed the mural based on research of Red Hooks history, which is part of the 4th grade curriculum. The mural tells the story of this historic neighborhood, beginning with the original Native Americans that settled the area, moving through the pilgrims, and ending with an image of PS 27 students playing. The maritime scenery of Red Hook is also featured in the mural, including ocean liners and the Statue of Liberty in the background. The children who worked on the mural experienced first hand what it means to transform a public space and make a mark on their community. All were excited to participate in this project, transforming the school and a particularly uninspiring block into a colorful vision of Red Hooks history. The children were proud of the artwork that they created, which helps brighten up their school and neighborhood.