Project Information

In spring 2008, Groundswell artists worked with PS 24 and its PAZ afterschool program to create a mural for the schools entrance. The finished mural celebrates the children of PS 24 and presents a vision for their personal growth, both academically and as dreamers. The population of PS 24 largely consists of first and second generation immigrant children. During the mural design process, students were asked to consider what they most care about, their dreams, and what activities they do to realize these dreams. This process enabled them to assess both their own dreams and the dreams of their communities, and how they intend to build a greater future for themselves. As Lead Artist Katie Yamasaki explained, Because the entrance where we were painting is the primary entrance for the staff of PS 24, I believed it was important for the mural to serve as a reminder to teachers that to nurture the dreams and imaginations of the children is just as important as nurturing their academic growth.