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9210 Roosevelt AvenueJackson Heights, NY 11372United States




Three banners, two 4 x 8 ft and one 5 x 8 ft



Trans Latinas En Revolucion is a series of three separate banners about transgender Latina womens empowerment created by Make the Road NY participants which will be used in protest marches and LGBTQ pride events. One banner is larger and sets the tone for the other two, which in many respects could be considered flanking banners and can be installed as side pieces of a tryptic. The design uses directed references slogans and declaration of the transgender activist movement. They reflect the imagery and symbols of the movement selected by Make the Road participants such as the transgender pride flag, transgender symbols, butterflies, and flowers. The mural incorporates the actual faces and voices of members of the community for which they are made. The design addresses the issues of immigration, migration, protest, transgender rights, and transgender visibility. The banners are specific to the communities in landscape, language, and palette. This promotes dialogue in bringing an issue and marginalized community to the forefront while promoting a healthy, vibrant, and strong representation.