Project Information

In partnership with The Trust for Public Land, Groundswell youth created a mural to serve as a backdrop to a new playground planned for the C.S. 300 Twin Parks campus, which houses C.S. 300, I.S. 129, and Kappa III. For many in the community, the building is not just school but home. Through the transformation of the schoolyard through public art, youth artists supported community stakeholders in creating a beautiful public space where young peoples futures can take flight. During the research period, the youth project team went on guided neighborhood walks and interviewed local residents to capture not only the fauna and flora in the area, but also gain more insight into what the school campus means to community members. A stylized figure on the right hand side of the design, inspired by the mural teams field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, provides a sense of welcome and attachment to young people and families reaching out to her. The roots of the plants in the mural deeply extend into the soil, symbolizing the strong connection individuals have with their community. In the sky, paper airplanes transform into birds, a playful visual metaphor designed to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.