Teens paint a large wall with colorful designs.
August 23, 2016

Celebrate Transformative Art At Our Upcoming Dedications

Join Groundswell in celebrating the accomplishments of teams of young artists citywide at seven upcoming mural dedications, occurring August 29 – 31.
The celebrations represent the hard work of young people in all five boroughs who were dedicated to transforming empty walls into monumental works of art.
Youth artist Alea Dixon (17) was one of the upwards of 140 young artists who became energized to become more involved in their communities. She worked on the new mural, “Bridges,” which seeks to close the divide between generations in Saint Nicholas Houses, Harlem. 

This mural has inspired me to stand up for what I believe in. It has given me a voice that is heard. Through the images and colors in the mural we have made a huge impact on the Saint Nicholas community. The different scenes in the mural showing elderly and youth playing shows the community that in order to have a peaceful and beautiful community, everyone should unite as one. I am inspired to be more involved in my community now.

— Alea Dixon, Youth Artist

Learn more about our seven Summer Leadership Institute projects and the dates of these events below:
MAMA DEE'S COMMUNITY GARDEN (Crown Heights, Brooklyn)
Groundswell's Voices Her'd team of young women artists used art to illuminate and celebrate the power of women of color within both the public and private spheres. Their mural investigates and elevates perceptions of women of color's self-worth in order to challenge how racism and sexism impact contemporary culture. Inspired by the strength and community leadership of the mural site, Mama Dee's Community Garden, particular attention is given to the Afro-Caribbean women of Crown Heights. Throughout the creation process, the young artists owned their roles as leaders in building a more just and equitable world.
Co-Lead Artists: Jazmine Hayes and Danielle McDonald
Location: 1401 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Dedication: Tuesday, August 30, 1 - 2 PM
This summer, Groundswell's all-male Making His'tory team created a mural encouraging and inspiring young men of color to know their value and know their rights. With an approach centered on personal narratives and storytelling, the team challenged notions of identity to break cycles of inequity facing young men of color today.
Lead Artist: Raúl Ayala
Assistant Artist: Ashton Agbomenou
Location: 21 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Dedication: Tuesday, August 30, 10 - 11 AM
CASTLE HILL HOUSES (Castle Hill, Bronx)
Through this monumental mural, a team of young artists at the Castle Hill Houses call their community to action by supporting youth voices. Their piece encourages their elders to serve as mentors so that the young people of the Castle Hill Houses can become a force of positive change and inspiration at their development and in the surrounding neighborhood.
Lead Artist: Angel Garcia
Assistant Artist: Demetrius Felder
Community Partners: Castle Hill Resident Association, New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Location: 635 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473
Dedication: Wednesday, August 31, 4 - 5 PM
QUEENSBRIDGE HOUSES (Long Island City, Queens)
A team of young artists used art as a tool to inspire a holistic view of healthy living at the Queensbridge Houses through a new mural on the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House community center. Created in response to the community's tradition of memorial shrines and murals, the youth tackle health issues faced by Queensbridge residents such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, food access, mental wellness, and gun violence. Their mural stands in honor of all lives at the development—past, present, and future.
Lead Artist: Misha Tyutyunik
Assistant Artist: Victor A. Saint-Hilaire
Community Partners: Queensbridge Tenant Association, New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Location: 10-25 41st Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
Dedication: Wednesday, August 31, 10 - 11 AM
In Harlem, a team of young artists engaged local elders through the creation of a mural that transforms the entrance to the Saint Nicholas Houses Senior Citizens Center. Their mural will continue to bring together different generations to inspire new perspectives on technology, community engagement, and youth activism.
Lead Artist: Jose de Jesus Rodriguez
Assistant Artist: Marina Perez-Wong
Community Partners: Saint Nicholas Tenant Association, New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Location: 210 West 131st Street, Manhattan, NY 10027
Dedication: Wednesday, August 31, 1 - 2 PM
STAPLETON HOUSES (Stapleton, Staten Island)
Through this mural, youth artists engaged seniors at the Stapleton Houses in a public dialogue about the development's past and future as a site of hope, dreams, and community engagement. Their design combines Staten Island landmarks with images of activism and resilience to build a lasting conversation about the Stapleton Houses' heritage, history, and legacy.
Lead Artist: DonChristian Jones
Assistant Artist: Lina Montoya
Community Partners: Stapleton Resident Association, New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Location: 230 Broad Street, Staten Island, NY 10304
Dedication: Monday, August 29, 10 - 11 AM
TOMPKINS HOUSES (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn)
As part of a citywide initiative engaging young NYCHA residents, this Groundswell artist team created a mural that will inspire youth leadership by giving people the inspiration, tools, and agency to accomplish anything. Painted on a handball court, this mural's empowering message will mobilize youth for years to come to become the next generation of community leaders.
Lead Artist: Chris Soria
Assistant Artist: Michaela Anaya
Community Partners: Tompkins Houses Resident Association, Inc., New York City Council Member Ritchie Torres, and New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Location: Handball Court at Tompkins Houses near Tompkins and Park Avenues, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Dedication: Monday, August 29, 1 - 2 PM