Groundswell Unveils New Spectrum Learning Lab for Digital Justice
March 29, 2019

Spectrum Learning Lab

Groundswell Unveils New Spectrum Learning Lab to Increase Digital Access

On Friday, March 29, 2019 Groundswell unveiled its new Spectrum Learning Lab with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Groundswell studio and office.

“We are incredibly excited to have this resource for our youth, their families and our community,” said Robyne Walker Murphy, Groundswell’s Executive Director.

Groundswell and Charter Communications partnered on the Spectrum Learning Lab to increase digital access for youth and their communities. The morning’s grand opening events included breakfast, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and interactive digital demonstrations on mural composition and creating illustrations.

Ceremony speakers were Robyne Walker Murphy, Rodney Capel (Spectrum Vice President of Government Affairs) and Walter Euceda (a Groundswell alum from our Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship and Summer Leadership Institute programs). 

Charter Communications’ Spectrum Learning Labs demonstrate a deep commitment to invest in communities to help bridge the digital divide and provide access to technology. The Spectrum Learning Lab at Groundswell includes laptops, tablets, projectors, digital SLR cameras, and camera accessories provided by Spectrum.

Said Robyne, “the Spectrum Learning Lab will be a space for our young people to amplify their voices and gain critical digital learning skills that will help them be innovative, adaptable and creative twenty-first-century change makers. We are thankful to Spectrum and Charter Communications for making this deeply impactful investment in our organization and the community at large.”

The Spectrum Learning Lab especially will be beneficial for participants in Groundswell’s Master Studio portfolio development and mural apprenticeship programs, and youth and artist development workshops.

Said Rodney Capel, “Spectrum is thrilled to make this investment with Groundswell, and we’re confident that it will increase resources to the community and enable members to access digital resources they need to thrive in today’s broadband world.”