Support Youth Artivists in Groundswell’s Summer Leadership Institute
March 28, 2019

Support Summer Leadership Institute Youth Artivists!

During Groundswell’s Summer Leadership Institute, youth and teaching artists collaborate to transform public walls into high-quality murals that reflect the values, concerns and activism of their communities, and they earn stipends for their work.

SLI participants must first complete a Spring program with guided research and themed discussion. Our Summer 2019 murals will continue the work of our Spring Voices Her’d and Making His’tory programs and include an Artivist Allstars mural.

  • In Voices Her’d, young self-identifying women ages 16-19 discuss issues of women’s empowerment.
  • In Making His’tory, young self-identifying men explore male identity, representation in the media and systems of oppression.
  • Artivist Allstars re-engages Groundswell alumni ages 19-24 in a paid mural project. In addition to the values and processes present throughout our studio programs, Artivist Allstars supports the personal and professional growth of these emerging artists.

Our special campaign to support the youth artivists of the Summer Leadership Institute officially launches in April but you can make a gift today!

Your generosity provides SLI’s artmaking materials, youth stipends and educational field trips—and helps young people use art as a catalyst for personal and societal change. Your gift at any amount is appreciated.

Make a one-time gift or be a fundraiser for the Summer Leadership Institute!