Taken down Mural at PS 295.
August 9, 2021

The Mural Lives On...

Last week, the New York Daily News ran a story about a Groundswell mural that was removed without our knowledge by a school partner last month. 
For the past 25 years, Groundswell has centered the voices of New York City youth through the creation of over 600 murals in all five boroughs of our city. This powerful partnership between youth, artists, and community members produced works of public art that reflect the vision of young people who courageously ask: What is the world as it is? What is the world as it should be? 
All of us at Groundswell are incredibly proud of the young people who created this mural and of the educators, staff, and parents who support our programs. Through all the hurt and disappointment caused by the mural’s removal, hope and inspiration still rise to the surface. 
You cannot erase a vision for liberation. The mural lives on.   
The mural lives on in the vision and creativity of the fifth-grade artists who created it. The mural lives on in the community that was built among the young muralists and their incredible teaching artist, Lexy Ho-Tai. The mural lives on in the conversations that are being ignited. 
We will continue to find ways to honor the artists and educators whose hard work we acknowledge and salute. We hope that in this design you see the world as it should be: one where vibrancy, resilience, solidarity, and collaboration are bright with possibility.
In Solidarity,
Robyne Walker Murphy
Executive Director