The Artist-In-Residence Program at Groundswell invites artists to engage with a specific theme that allows them to connect to a greater community of resistance, solidarity, and critical love, while directly addressing the need for free and accessible studio space in New York City. It provides time, space, and a platform for artists to further their personal studio practices. Providing artists with this residency opportunity is one expression of how Groundswell furthers social justice in the world.


In times of resistance, it’s necessary to amplify the underrepresented voices that often go unheard, and under-acknowledged. By employing various strategies for artmaking and expression, artists explore the possibilities of existing in a culture of erasure and violence. With the inaugural 2017 residency, artists explored ways in which they claim space and make themselves heard.


Participation in the Artist-In-Residence Program is currently only offered to Groundswell teaching artists, although as the program grows so may the capacity to invite artists outside our roster.


(Oct 21-22, 2017) Here Hear Exhibition

In order to amplify the underrepresented voices, specifically of people of color, women, and queer folks, that often go unheard and under-acknowledged, Groundswell presents the exhibition, "HERE/HEAR." The 2-day event will feature an artist talk-back on October 21st from 5-6 PM, followed by an after-party sponsored by Blick and Bronx Brewery!