Groundswell Artist

Jessica Angel

I make installations that take over architectural interiors using hand-cut adhesive vinyl, mural painting, large-scale drawing interventions, and wallpapering. Fascinated with the micro vs. macro qualities of space and its variations as we move through these magnitudes, I create immersive environments. My recent research explores geometry, mathematics and physics, to understand space as a platform for the intersection between art, technology, and science in my practice.


My approach to the production of these installations lies on the following questions: Why can we find underlying patterns between natural microstructures and artificial mega-structures? Why are natural and artificial forms so similar? Can we advocate for the real and the virtual to be equivalent? I explore these questions by using the installation as an analogy between traditional media and the digital image. My pieces appear to be digitally made yet they are entirely planed, drawn, cut, and produced by hand.



I joined Groundswell in 2014 where I have been given the opportunity to bring these large endeavors into the realm of communities and social awareness in NYC. Along with students and school partnerships, we actively use art to convey the youth's messages in the same way that I do with my installation. I work with Groundswell as an enabler, and as a conduit for these messages to be communicated in a clear and just way.


Photography by Beau Gustafson.


  • Project | 2016

    From the Ground Up

    During the summer of 2016, as part of Groundswell's Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) 2016, upwards of 140 teens are coming together citywide to create seven inspiring murals from July 5 to August ...
  • Project | 2016

    Viva the Healthy City

    Groundswell, New York City FC, and PS 24 collaborated to create a beautiful new mural organized and designed by female students to enhance the schools new soccer field. To create this mural, 3...
  • Project | 2016

    We Are a Community of Knowledge

    The mural is inspired by the participant's ideas developed after the community partners' presentation. It conveys the notions of the importance of education, sports and art at PS 282 by using speci...
  • Project | 2015

    The Wonderful Journey of Learning

    The Wonderful Journey of Learning mural transforms a graffiti-ridden bridge in Sunset Park and enlivens the pedestrian walkway with a celebration of teamwork and lifelong learning. Through a ...
  • Project | 2015

    The Sea of Transformation

    Twelve students at South Brooklyn Community High School (SBCHS) participating in an intensive Cultural Afterschool Adventures (CASA) Program to create this mural, The Sea of Transformation, i...
  • Project | 2015

    The Power of Flourishing Minds

    In partnership with The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and PS 15 The Roberto Clemente School campus, Groundswell inspired stewardship of the environment in youth artists through the artistic transform...