Groundswell Artist

Victor A. Saint-Hilaire

I'm a multidisciplinary artist residing in Yonkers, NY specializing mainly in digital illustration, acrylic paintings and murals. I received my BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Fine Arts Illustration in 2013 and have been working with Groundswell since 2015. Working with a powerful community of artists, staff, and youth from different parts of New York has helped me grow as an artist and an individual. I believe that knowledge and self-empowerment are important tools for personal and social change and I try to emphasize that on Groundswell projects as well as personal ones. My artwork often revolves around spirituality and other abstract concepts depicted via storytelling. I've always been intrigued by human innocence and my style tries to emulate that while tackling different subjects.


  • Project | 2016

    Bronx Heritage Fordham - Belmont

    In a mural installed in a high-traffic staircase, students at IS 254 used art as a tool for social change to educate their peers about the history and heritage of the local Fordham Heights and Belm...
  • Project | 2016

    Bronx Hope

    Groundswell worked with Bronx Hope students to create a mural promoting a positive message about personal growth and transformation. Hope Academy of the Bronx guides at-risk students from the fifth...
  • Project | 2015

    Born and Raised

    Born and Raised was created as part of the Gowanus Public Art Series, an important component of the Bridging Gowanus initiative led by Council Member Brad Lander. This series will create new ...
  • Project | 2015

    Carnival of Aspirations

    Learning has been proven fun through a Carnival of color, vibrancy, and community engagement with youth artists. With three monumental murals already installed on the exterior of the school, ...
  • Project | 2015

    The Seed of Diversity

    Designed by a talented team of High School for Arts and Business students, The Seed of Diversity illustrates the diversity of the neighborhood of Corona, a vibrant community which is home to ...
  • Project | 2016

    The Balance - The Four Faces of Health

    A team of young artists have inspired a holistic view of healthy living at the Queensbridge Houses through a new mural on the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House community center. The Balance The Four Faces of Health, stands in honor of all lives at the development past, present, and future.