Carmen Rivera, AVP Communications & External Affairs

VIP Community Services

We at VIP Community Services, a Bronx based not for profit since 1974, had the great pleasure of working with Groundswell on two very powerful projects.

The first mural created and located at 764 East 176th Street in the Bronx titled “Bridging the Transformation” took place in the Summer of 2014. The men and women engaged in the art project were in substance abuse treatment. Watching the clients discover their talents and totally immerse themselves in obtaining the outcomes they discussed in focus groups was inspiring. They created a beautiful piece of art bringing awareness to the complex issue of chemical dependency and the journey to recovery. This large mural can be seen from the Cross Bronx Expressway.

In May of 2015, the women from the Women’s Residence at the time located at 716 Fairmount and Groundswell artists created “My Sister’s Keeper”. This beautiful work of art portrays the sisterhood and transformation of women. The mural depicts scenes important to women in recovery from addiction. VIP enjoyed the collaboration with Groundswell, and wish to thank the very talented artists on staff.


My Sister’s Keeper

My Sisters Keeper illustrates the unique challenges faced by women on their road to self-sufficiency and recovery from addiction. The artist team was comprised of women in recovery, and to...


Bridging Transformation

Groundswell engaged VIP Community Services adult clients in the research, design, and creation of a large-scale mural to generate public awareness around the complex issue of chemical dependency. T...