Project Information
Google Map of Albany, NY


Washington Avenue and Lincoln Place Brooklyn, NY 11238




30 x 123 ft





As part of Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program, a group of young women created A New Day through a series of discussions, writing, and art activities. Inspired by feminist history and leaders, the young women identified a mural theme of Strong Women Build Safe Communities. This theme is illustrated through ten figures, each of which represents an individual member of the mural team. In the mural, the figures stand proudly surrounded by waves and backed by a golden sky. Each wears a gown that depicts one of ten tenets of strong women building safe communities.


From left to right across the first row and then the second, the tenets are:

  1. high literacy and good schools;
  2. involvement in and critical consumption of the media;
  3. involvement in politics;
  4. financial independence;
  5. high employment and career alternatives;
  6. parental supervision and involvement;
  7. healthy bodies and foods;
  8. honoring the ancestors;
  9. afterschool programs; and
  10. clean and liveable streets.