Project Information
Google Map of Albany, NY


90 Trinity Place New York, NY 10006




5 x 12 ft





Groundswell partnered with students at the High School for Leadership and Public Service to produce two banners for the schools' lobby. The youth muralists developed themes that they felt illustrated the unique qualities of their education. The left banner hung on the south side of the lobby, portrays students eating words out of a book, evoking a Hunger for Knowledge. In the center, a group of students embrace below a cloud raining the word knowledge. The right banner, hung on the north side of lobby, illustrates the phrases A Sense of Being Trapped and A Burning Desire to Achieve. In this banner, a girl looks in a mirror and reaches out to her reflection in imprisonment. The students wanted to show that, although some situations may be difficult, education can bring rebirth to students who put their minds to their studies.