As part of the Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship, a team of young artists created three banners The AIDS Center at Montefiore Medical Center. The banners brighten up a hallway leading into the clinic. The hope with these banners was to create positivity in the clinic and enhance the welcoming environment that the clinic already has thanks to its wonderful staff. In the left banner, a 4 train supported by green beams references the elevated platforms seen throughout the Bronx. A figure holds up the train who represents a patient of the clinic. She has a cape to emphasize her heroism in supporting the train, which can represent family or any other form of community in the Bronx. This symbol represents the idea that everyone is a hero at the clinic, both staff and patients. The middle banner is centered on a figure representing a patient being helped and healed by love and hope that the staff and doctors are providing. The figure is composed of different colors to represent the diversity of the patients in the clinic. He holds a heart in a jar resembling roots. This heart and the vine growing out of it illustrates the health both physically and mentally of the patients. The figures on either side of the middle figure show the doctors and staff of the clinic, who support their patients. The right banner contains the symbol of the shaking hands puzzle heart is being put back together, this represents the repairing of relationships romantic, family, and platonic. The figures putting the puzzle pieces back together can be interpreted as patients, friends, staff, or family. The images, symbols, and color scheme help convey positivity, community, and love. The pastel color scheme of the banners uses the palette of sunsets and sunrises to convey hope. Through the presence of these three banners, the staff and patients of The AIDS Center at Montefiore Medical Center will be reminded every day of the strength of their community.