Project Information
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235 18th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215




48 x 68 ft





As part of our Summer Leadership Institute, Groundswell partnered with Neighbors Helping Neighbors to create a mural as part of the organizations neighborhood improvement efforts. The team of youth muralists interviewed members of the Sunset Park community to generate ideas for mural imagery. During these interviews, the youth heard an unusual story about a crate of parrots from the Dominican Republic that escaped from a truck in Sunset Park. The parrots migrated to Green-Wood Cemetery, which has remained their home for many generations. The parrots, like the people of Sunset Park, have come together in one neighborhood from many different places in the world. Inspired by this story, the group decided to use it as a central motif in the mural. One World Unity encapsulates the spirit of Sunset Park. The story of the freed parrots serves as a reminder to the community that when unexpected people and things come together, amazing results are possible.