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  • Sunsets and Stars

    Students at PS 169 created a welcoming mural inspired by the Core Values of their school: F. I. R. E. (Friendship, Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence). These values are an opportunity to encoura...

  • Viva the Healthy City

    Groundswell, New York City FC, and PS 24 collaborated to create a beautiful new mural organized and designed by female students to enhance the schools new soccer field. To create this mural, 3...

  • BLICK Industry City

    This project, created during live painting sessions at Industry City for NYCX Design Week 2014, visualizes the history of Blick Art Materials, Utrecht Art Supplies, and the Industry City complex. T...

  • Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!

    A group of young people from Sunset Park designed “Dream, Perchance, Rebuild!,” to be created as part of the “Come Together: Surviving Sandy” exhibition. This 60,000+ square foot arts exhibition was presented at Brooklyn’s Industry City, a hub of creative manufacturing and innovation.

  • CautionMan

    Installed on a streetfacing wall of PS 10, "CautionMan" depicts an intersection with a crosswalk like those found adjacent to a school. Two children, painted in the style of a street sign silhouette, are about to step into the street.

  • We Live Here

    We Live Here was designed to promote liveable streets in New York Citys largest walk-to-work community. In partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation and UPROSE, teen apprentice artists conducted studies on local traffic patterns and strategized ways to promote safety and respect amongst the many communities present in the neighborhood.

  • The People of Sunset Park

    The People of Sunset Park is inspired by the medical staff, hospital administrators, and local residents who have helped make the Sunset Park Family Health Center a vibrant community health center.

  • Communidad Global, Global Community

    Communidad Global, Global Community was created by third and fourth grade students to celebrate the diversity of the PS 24 school community.

  • Stop, Look, Listen

    Youth worked with the New York City Department of Transportations Office of Safety Education and the agencys Urban Art Program to create a mural entitled Stop, Look, Listen on a pedestrian and vehicle overpass in Sunset Park.

  • Roots of Knowledge

    Twelve youth accompanied by many volunteers and led by artists Belle Benfield and Sophia Dawson partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library to create this mosaic installed on the walls of the Brooklyn Public Library.

  • Connectivity Continued

    A group of eight young women worked with professional artists Crystal Bruno and Tanya Albrigtsen-Frable to create a colorful mural at the front entrance of PS 506 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

  • Longevity

    "Longevity" graces the walls of the Lutheran Medical Center Chinese Services Wing, which opened in 2004. Students from Sunset Park High School painted this mural with the hope of making patients feel more comfortable and at home.

  • Star Polishers

    "Star Polishers" was created by two 5th grade classes and frames the entrance to PS 506 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The students read and discussed the poem The Star Polisher by Leah Becks.

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity is featured at the entrance of PS 506 and was created by two fifth grade classes. The mural focuses on the ideas of global community, technology, and journalism.

  • Informed, Empowered

    Informed, Empowered was created in 2008 as part of Groundswells Summer Leadership Institute by a group of young women participating in our Voices Herd Visionaries program.

  • Eco Nova: Seen and Unseen

    Eco Nova is a large-scale abstraction of form and color. The bold choice of colors and shapes transforms the side entranceway of PS 503, making it a more inviting place for both the students and the residents on the block.