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6025 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220




9 x 53 ft





Our Doors Are Open To You communicates the services offered by Lutheran Medical Centers Sunset Park Family Support Center to visitors, and celebrates themes of health, education, family, and community. The mural was created by a team of thirteen immigrant adults enrolled in the center's English as a Second Language (ESL) program. The design phase included conversations about murals and their history as a means of communication with roots in many cultures, specifically focused on the backgrounds of the participants. Conversations with the Center's staff and clients generated four principle themes: Healthy Eating, Education, Family, and Community Involvement. The group viewed the mural as a new language with which to communicate to and educate visitors and decided to represent the actual people who use the center in its design. The team was brought together through the shared goal of executing the mural, which became the voice of not just one culture, but of all cultures united in the quest for common understanding and shared communal experience.