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3448 Boston Road Bronx, NY 10469




4 x 8 ft





In 2012, Groundswell partnered with Montefiore Medical Center and its Office of Community Health and Wellness Healing Arts Program to create five beautiful murals celebrating the theme "Visions of a Healthy Community." Groups of young people were recruited from local afterschool programs to participate in the five-week project. Along with Groundswell professional artists, these youth were charged with researching, conceptualizing, designing, and painting the murals on stretched canvas. Each completed mural was then installed in the waiting area of one of five Montefiore health centers, enhancing these spaces for thousands of patients and community members. Plant the Seeds of a Healthy Community is one of these murals, created in partnership with Unity Neighborhood Center. The painting is divided by a protective tree of Mother Nature. On the left are pollution and two children disgusted by fast food fry serpents. On the right is a peaceful scene of a healthy community nurtured by a garden. The mural is installed at Montefiore's Williamsbridge Family Practice Center.