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9517 Kings HighwayBrooklyn, NY 11212United States




10 x 15 ft





Renewal and Rebirth was made by and for the students of East Brooklyn Community High School. The rich symbolism embodies the hopes the artists have for themselves and for their peers. First, students came together and reflected on the challenges and dreams shared by their community. They wanted to offer solidarity around issues relevant to their community, such as pressures in their environment and stereotyping. However, they also wanted to celebrate their capacity to generate knowledge, power, and justice. The students used their artistic voice to channel their desires to depict a future filled with transformative power. Their mural shows the school mascot, the Eagle, born from the city background, ignited by a lightning bolt of knowledge, and carrying the words Inspiration and Opportunity. Each aspect of the mural calls for change, rebirth, and renewal of the old ways of thinking, seeing, and doing. The mural is filled with hope and action, and demonstrates that creative articulation brings us closer to fulfilling our dreams.