Groundswell Artist

Misha Tyutyunik

  Misha Tyutyunik is a Ukranian-born contemporary painter, who moved to the United States when he was seven.  A BFA graduate of Pratt Institute, Tyutyunik paints, creates murals, and works as a graphic designer for companies such as A&E Television Networks, ENK, Brooklyn Arts Council, and Coca Cola. Since the spring of 2009, Tyutyunik and a partner have operated a business called Collective Consciousness NYC, providing creative services, mounting exhibitions, and promoting the arts. Tyutyunik has exhibited his artwork throughout New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.  He currently lives and paints in Brooklyn, New York.
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  • Project | 2016

    The Foundation of Stapleton

    The community members view Stapleton Houses as a wonderful place to live and they want to see it grow and flourish. To support this, the youth artists depicted Stapleton in their mural as a bright and growing metropolis, built on the foundation of history, trust, love and respect for one another and their surroundings.
  • Project | 2016

    Stapleton: The Community As Home

    The first mural at Stapleton Houses, Stapleton: The Community As Home is an homage to the history and current atmosphere at Stapleton Houses. The mural captures how the young artists, residents of Stapleton, value their home and express their creativity.
  • Project | 2016

    The Balance - The Four Faces of Health

    A team of young artists have inspired a holistic view of healthy living at the Queensbridge Houses through a new mural on the Jacob A. Riis Settlement House community center. The Balance The Four Faces of Health, stands in honor of all lives at the development past, present, and future.
  • Project | 2016

    The Spirit of SoHo

    The Spirit of SoHo is a 4,000 square foot mural that scales Aby Rosens latest hotels south-facing wall, designed to celebrate the history and culture of SoHo. SoHo is a diverse metropol...
  • Project | 2016

    Knowledge is Power

    The Gateway to Tomorrow is a celebration of the hidden treasures within the Brownsville community, namely its school and students. The participants of the artist team are students of Brownsvi...
  • Project | 2016

    The People’s History of Flatbush Junction

    A team of youth artists from Midwood High School transformed an overpass with a mural representing Flatbushs history. Their mural design incorporated the experiences of students, who live in the...
  • Project | 2015

    Envision Your Future

    This mural was the second in a series to bring the learning that takes place inside East Brooklyn Community High School to the outside community. The theme of this project asked students to envi...
  • Project | 2015

    The Key to Success

    Through a multi-project mural collaboration, Groundswell and EBCHS transformed the exterior of the school to mirror the positive transformations taking place within. The Key to Success, th...
  • Project | 2015

    Carnival of Aspirations

    Learning has been proven fun through a Carnival of color, vibrancy, and community engagement with youth artists. With three monumental murals already installed on the exterior of the school, ...
  • Project | 2015

    Local Heroes

    Local Heroes enlivens a once neglected underpass with a vibrant tribute to the local heroes of Flatbush, including cultural icons past and present, citywide, national, and international. ...
  • Project | 2015

    The Sea of Transformation

    Twelve students at South Brooklyn Community High School (SBCHS) participating in an intensive Cultural Afterschool Adventures (CASA) Program to create this mural, The Sea of Transformation, i...
  • Project | 2014

    BLICK Industry City

    This project, created during live painting sessions at Industry City for NYCX Design Week 2014, visualizes the history of Blick Art Materials, Utrecht Art Supplies, and the Industry City complex. T...
  • Project | 2014

    It’s Not A Dream If You Will It

    Installed on Herzl Street, It's Not A Dream If You Will It is inspired by Theodore Herzl's famous quote If you will it, it is no dream. and encourages psychological transfor...
  • Project | 2014

    The Seasons of 4 Downing

    Groundswell partnered with Barrett Design and Development to create a mural project celebrating the history of one of Brooklyns most unique- the "Broken Angel" building at 4 Downing Street in Cl...
  • Project | 2013

    On the Outside Looking In

    Dunkin Donuts commissioned Groundswell to create a new mural that both depicts the changing nature of Williamsburg and taps into the neighborhoods vibrant community and artistic identity.
  • Project | 2013

    Journey to Success

    Through a partnership with IS 291 in Brooklyn, Groundswell organized the creation of a mural for the ground floor of the school based on the theme of Journey to Success. In collaboration with...
  • Project | 2013

    We Rose Above the Challenge

    We Rose Above the Challenge was created as part of Recovery Diaspora, a collaborative citywide public art installation created by Swoon, together with youth from Red Hook, Coney Island, State...
  • Project | 2013

    Renewal and Rebirth

    Renewal and Rebirth was made by and for the students of East Brooklyn Community High School. The rich symbolism embodies the hopes the artists have for themselves and for their peers. First, ...
  • Project | 2012

    The Bloom of a Healthy Community

    "The Bloom of a Healthy Community" depicts several vignettes of healthy activities supported by the branches of a massive tree. Vignettes include a man watering a community garden, children playing in safe, open spaces, and welcoming homes made of fruit.
  • Project | 2011

    Justice Mandala

    Justice Mandala explores restorative justice: the act of seeking solutions that repair, reconcile, and rebuild relationships. A team of young artists, including some formerly incarcerated youth, transformed the State Street side of the Brooklyn Detention Complex.
  • Project | 2011


    Created by East River Academy high school students incarcerated on Rikers Island, Balance explores how the Feng Shui ideal of balance might be realized in the students everyday lives.
  • Project | 2013

    Recovery Diaspora

    "Recovery Diaspora," created in partnership with master artist Swoon, illustrates the vision and optimism of these young people. The mural's central figure is Thalassa, a goddess from Greek mythology known as the mother of all sea creatures.