Through Groundswells Segue program, Groundswell and Settlement Housing Fund brought together a team of young students from the DREAMS YouthBuild program and the S.O.S. Crown Heights Mediation Center to create a mural for the new SUNY Attain Computer Lab. In partnership with the Brooklyn District Attorneys Office, the intent of the project was to improve relations between young adults and local law enforcement. Searching for Crown Heights features uniform computer monitors as the base of its composition. The phrase Crown Heights, Brooklyn appears in every browser search bar, the light source shines from the left side, and the right side is cast in shadow. The monitor and background colors are neutral greys, blues, and purples. Yet the computer screens tell another story. Inside each screen are colorful slices of the Crown Heights community. Unlike the predictable order of the computer monitors, these screen images are randomly ordered, warm palette, and celebratory. The vibrancy of the neighborhood gives life to the computers. As future students use the new computer lab, they will always be reminded of the diverse, beautiful, and historical legacy of their Crown Heights community.