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185/285 Van Dyke Street Brooklyn, NY 11231




75 x 30 ft





Dutch human rights charity Miles4Justice and the Red Hook Community Justice Center commissioned Groundswell to create a large-scale mural, entitled Some Walls Are Invisible, that honors the 400th anniversary of Dutch settlement in North America. The mural overlooks Valentino Park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Fifteen young men and women researched current human rights issues to inform the design with relevant and thought-provoking images. Some Walls Are Invisible examines the ways that visible attributes of race and ethnicity can be invisible barriers to equality and justice. These barriers can be overcome with careful attention to our shared community and principles of human rights. The piece is comprised of two dominant images: a head that is exploding into facets and a young man holding an image of the earth with a section cut away. These images suggest that our identities and our world are comprised of powerful forces that can either drive us apart or unify us.