Project Information
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301 Grove Street Brooklyn, NY 11237




12 x 70 ft





This mural was created for the Children's Grove Park in Bushwick, a park built by members of Make the Road by Walking/Se Hace el Camino al Andar for all residents of the neighborhood to enjoy. Make the Road by Walking is dedicated to fighting injustice on behalf of immigrant communities through education, legal and support services, and community organizing. The mural team began its research by first reaching out to various organizations that are members of Make the Road by Walking. For example, the youth artists interviewed representatives of G.L.O.B.E., a collective that fights for LGBT rights and presents educational programs s in schools and the community to bring issues such as homophobia to light. The mural team also wanted to honor the son of the owner of the wall, Marc Del Pilar, whose life was lost in a violent incident in 1994. During the mural design process, the young people learned more about issues of economic oppression, sweat shop labor, and immigrants' rights facing the local community. The team combined the many social justice issues addressed to create a finished mural that not only raises awareness of these issues but celebrats the tremendous progress made by community members toward making Bushwick a more livable, unified place to live.