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1010 Rev James A Polite AveBronx, NY 10459United States




7 x 8 ft





The Game of Not Playing was developed in partnership with the GED Plus Regional High School in the Bronx. Inspired by their own educational experiences, the student artists explored the meaning of success and how individuals can define success for themselves. As a community, they sought to advocate for themselves and others who take creative paths towards education and achievement. They developed imagery to shed light on how the traditional high school experience can fail to engage many students. Playing off of The Game of Life, mural depicts students navigating a large game board to graduation and a GED. Much of the imagery includes obstacles and issues the youth face as they work their way to graduation and their own choices for success, including parenthood, financial pressures, and immigration to the United States where a foreign diploma is not honored by the American system. The mural project serves as a vehicle to discuss how the educational system might change to better support all students, and honors individuals who leave traditional high schools and yet fight to continue their education.