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781 Washington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238




7 x 107 ft





The Higher We Climb was created through Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program for young women. During the mural design phase, the Brooklyn Museum provided the participants a private museum tour, where they had the opportunity to see Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party in storage prior to its permanent installation in the Museums new Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. The youth artists used The Dinner Party as a starting point to look back at the obstacles women of all ages, races, and cultures have had to overcome throughout history, from witch-hunts to slavery to winning the right to vote. From looking at this history, the young women then examined the role of women in today's society, with a focus on the ongoing need to challenge and overcome continued discrimination and violence towards women. The group decided that they wanted the mural to show that each of us, male and female, has the power to achieve real social change and advance society for the better by acting together around a common need.