Groundswell Artist

Belle Benfield

Artwork contributor


  • Project | 2010

    Roots of Knowledge

    Twelve youth accompanied by many volunteers and led by artists Belle Benfield and Sophia Dawson partnered with the Brooklyn Public Library to create this mosaic installed on the walls of the Brooklyn Public Library.
  • Project | 2003

    Music Tamed the Beast

    In 2003, a team of Groundswell youth artists collaborated to create Music Tamed the Beast at Brooklyn High School for the Arts. The youth discussed their aspirations for their future careers.
  • Project | 2004

    Justice Everywhere

    To celebrate the opening of its new headquarters in 2003, Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) commissioned Groundswell to paint a mural on the adjacent building to help lead visitors from 4th Avenue around the corner to the doors of the new center.
  • Project | 2004

    NYC AIDS Housing Network

    Groundswell youth artists participating in our Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship program created a collaborative mural for the offices of the New York City AIDS Housing Network.
  • Project | 2005

    The Higher We Climb

    The Higher We Climb was created through Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program for young women. From looking at this history, the young women examined the role of women in today's society, with a focus on the ongoing need to challenge and overcome continued discrimination and violence towards women.
  • Project | 2006

    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

    Groundswell worked with elementary school students at PS 503 to create a mosaic to transform the schools entrance and make it more inviting.
  • Project | 2007

    Beautiful Migration

    Through Groundswells Voices Herd Visionaries program, a team of young women created a large-scale mosaic in response to urban environmental issues.
  • Project | 2008

    New York is a Rollercoaster

    In 2008, Groundswell collaborated with the New York City Department of Transportation and the Office of the Mayor to create New York City is a Rollercoaster. The team of muralists collectivel...