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3444 Kossuth Avenue Bronx, NY 10467




4 x 8 ft





Groundswell was commissioned by Montefiore Medical Center to engage young women residents of Horizons Juvenile Center in the creation of two new murals for the inside of two Montefiore OB/GYN clinics. This collaboration proved a powerful opportunity to engage women from various economic and cultural backgrounds and allow them to provide meaningful support to one another. Visitors to the Montefiore clinics will be positively impacted by the presence of art, while the young women from Horizons were offered a public platform to share their perspectives and talents while positively impacting the broader community.The Peace of Womenkind is set in a surrealist and undulating landscape with light yellows, deep raw siennas, and greens colors, also with metallic gold, bronze, and copper paint, inspired by Gustav Klimt. The main figure is a mother who melds with the landscape as she bathes a child in a lake fed by a distant waterfall. On the left is a group of three women and two children, who share a single body covered by a flat metallic pattern.