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2569 BroadwayNew York, NY 10025United States




Three panels, 6 x 3 ft each



The 3 Pillars represents the spirit of the Housing Works organizations core pillars of advocacy, services, and entrepreneurial businesses. The mural is a triptych, with each canvas embodying a pillar. Inspired by Housing Works longtime commitment to NYC Kiki Balls as an organizer and sponsor, the pillars are portrayed by figures posed in voguing dance moves of kiki ballroom dancers. They possess a heroic quality, representing those affected by HIV/AIDS within the Housing Works communities. For the figure representing advocacy, the dancer's energy is upward and kicking outward. An open giving hand extends out, while the other hand holds a megaphone to amplify the Housing Works message and history of activism through education and civil disobedience. To represent services, a dancer has open arms exposing her heart. The staff of caduceus manifests behind this figure, to represent the medical and mental health programs that Housing Works provides. The torn stockings evoke a reptile or snake shedding its skin and becoming something new. For the final figure, symbolizing entrepreneurial businesses, the posture is powerful, supportive, and balanced. The gears represent all the symbolic machinery and many moving parts of the various businesses in the Housing Works umbrella. This motif threads behind the other panels as well, because the moving gears of the business help to fund and support the other aspects of advocacy and medical services. We also see the supporting hands of community illustrated on the gears as well as many of the keywords of the organization. Housing Works' logo and colors are both prominently featured throughout. The logo appears in each panel.