Project Information
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512 West 143rd Street Harlem, NY 10031




8 x 60 ft





Voices was created as part of a restoration project in the Frank White Community Garden in Harlem. The mural was constructed on the back fence of the community garden on a series of panels and is inspired by the mission of the Brotherhood Sister Sol to provide "Positivity, Community, Knowledge, and Future." As part of Groundswells Summer Leadership Institute, the team worked throughout July to build art skills and develop imagery to bring to life the ideas outlined in the Brotherhood Sister Sols mission. By working in the community and participating in the day-to-day use of the garden, the teens in the mural team gained a better sense of how urban communities can be revitalized through our shared efforts. The imagery of the mural - in which communities come together to struggle for rights, amenities, access to the media, and to make their voices heard - resonates with the active care that local residents take in maintaining the garden for the enjoyment of the entire community.