Groundswell Artist

Duane Smith

Artwork contributor


  • Project | 2009


    "Uplifting" was created in partnership with Turning Point in order to transform the walls of Claremont Community Center. The theme for this mural is reaching for the stars, finding the path to success, and following one’s goals.
  • Project | 2005


    Voices was created as part of a restoration project in the Frank White Community Garden in Harlem. The mural was constructed on the back fence of the community garden on a series of panels and is inspired by the mission of the Brotherhood Sister Sol to provide "Positivity, Community, Knowledge, and Future."
  • Project | 2006

    Weeksville: Past Forward

    This mural tells the story of Weeksville by examining the past, present, and future of this historic area. The mural begins its story of Weeksville’s history with the founding of the free Black community by James Weeks and six other freedmen.
  • Project | 2007

    Time Train

    As one of six projects created through Groundswell’s Summer Leadership Institute (SLI), youth worked with seniors to create a mural at the Hugh Gilroy Senior Center which brings to life Weeksville’s rich African American heritage.