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Six banners, 5 x 3 ft each



"We're in This Love Together" uses major tarot archaina imagery to illustrate queer communities/families of color and their vibrant legacy. The touch on the intergenerational connections and relationships that exist within queer communities of color communities. With this focus on queer people of color (QPOC), the team used the tarot deck to explore archetypes within the QPOC ballroom communities and cultures. The double entendre of a "house" or "deck" of cards, in relation to ballroom houses and the familial relationships that exist within such houses. "We're in This Love Together" draws from the language, vocabulary, cultural icons and heroes, videos, and drawings that the Groundswell youth researched and experienced. The banners are inclusive and specific, vibrant and loaded with a rich history. The figures represented are Tha Mutha, Tha Fatha, Tha Luvahs, Tha Children, La Muerte, and Tha Fool.