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  • Be the Change

    Be the Change encourages elders to serve as mentors so that the young people of the Castle Hill Houses can become a force of positive change and inspiration at their development and in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Compass of Dreams

    Painted on a handball court, the mural, entitled Compass of Dreams, illustrates two complementary scenes across the front and back of the handball wall. One side honors young peoples resilience to overcome challenges, and the other celebrates the power of play and imagination.

  • The Foundation of Stapleton

    The community members view Stapleton Houses as a wonderful place to live and they want to see it grow and flourish. To support this, the youth artists depicted Stapleton in their mural as a bright and growing metropolis, built on the foundation of history, trust, love and respect for one another and their surroundings.

  • Kaleidoscopic Bridges

    Year UP, an organization dedicated to aiding students gain access to the necessary education and experience required to reach their full potential, worked in collaboration with Groundswell to creat...

  • Crowns of the Playground

    Crowns of the Playground celebrates the youth by brightening up the space in the playground. The mural spotlights the youths visions and their undeniably inspired presence. The mural is ...

  • DYCD Youth Leadership Conference

    In 2006, Department of Youth and Community Development hosted 400 youth at its annual youth conference, and Groundswell youth artists were chosen to create artwork to celebrate the conference. The ...

  • We're In This Love Together

    "We're in this love together," uses major tarot archaina imagery to illustrate queer communities/families of color and their vibrant legacy. The touch on the intergenerational connections and relat...

  • Transformation

    The Transformation panel series creates a powerful visual identity for the innovative restorative services provided by the Midtown Community Court. The panels were created by court-involved y...

  • Unlock Your Dreams

    Ditmas I.S. 62 is a community, not just a school. To begin the mural design process, youth artists researched the many communities represented within the school, which is located within one of the ...

  • We Spark Change

    We Spark Change expresses the values of Brooklyn Community Foundation by creating a mural inspired by the Foundations mission to pursue a fair and just Brooklyn, and to Spark Lasting Socia...

  • Aspire to Inspire

    Groundswell, in partnership with Jamaica NeON, engaged youth muralists in the creation of Aspire to Inspire, a mural highlighting education as the most crucial step toward success in life. ...

  • Live to Learn and Learn to Live

    Through this project, incarcerated teen artists had the unique opportunity to directly impact the jail environment which incarcerates them by transforming an industrial hallway into a blank canvas....

  • Journey to Success

    Through a partnership with IS 291 in Brooklyn, Groundswell organized the creation of a mural for the ground floor of the school based on the theme of Journey to Success. In collaboration with...

  • Star Polishers

    "Star Polishers" was created by two 5th grade classes and frames the entrance to PS 506 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The students read and discussed the poem The Star Polisher by Leah Becks.

  • Action Word Wall

    In spring 2008, Groundswell worked with a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to create a mural for PS 261 in Boerum Hill. Comprised of action-inspiring words that span the length of the 400-foot wall, the mural explores the importance of communication and cooperation between all members of the community.

  • An Environmental Partnership

    Groundswell partnered with the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (BASE) to create a mural for the elevator bay of the fifth floor of Prospect Heights High School.