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85 Lexington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238




25 x 95 ft





"Woman Rise" is a mural that exemplifies womens struggles and the paths taken to rise above those issues. The mural was created in partnership with the Bowery Residents Committee (BRC), a transitional housing residence for homeless women. The Voices Herd mural team chose to create a universal image that recognized struggle, hope, and solidarity as essential themes relating to all women. The young artists research was extensive, combining statistical information and meetings with public officials and social justice organizations, with personal interviews and anecdotes from the women of the Bowery Residents Committee. They also looked closely at art that addresses complex social structures, including art from ancient Egypt. After getting to know some of the resident women, the mural team gained new awareness about homelessness in New York City. It is the hope that women will be able to identify with the imagery of transformation in the mural and relate it to their own personal experiences.